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You never know

I often wonder, 'what's the point?'  'Who reads this anyway, really?' But then I'm pleasantly surprised and it reinforces my reasoning for having this blog.  And when I hear those people speak up, my thought is, 'oh man, it's been a while and I need to update.'

I'm back home in Cortez, CO, in our new place we are renting.  Brad is in Malaysia racing and I've just about got this house organized, just in time for him to come home and wonder, 'where did I put that?'  This time we are in town, a short walk to everything on Main St, 2 blocks from the bike shop and it's wonderful! Cortez is quiet, so not a lot of street traffic and I enjoy going to the bike shop(almost everyday) to say hello.  

The joy of renting and moving around within the same town is that you get to see the same city from a different perspective, it's refreshing! The negative - moving all our STUFF! And we have a lot of STUFF! One day we will own something, one day. 

It's been a good month at home but I'm ready, ready to race, ready to see my teammates and get this party started.  We start racing in Anniston, AL with Sunny King criterium and then it's over to Fayetteville, AR and then the third week on the road will be in Silver City, NM.  

Jimbo is SO glad we are back, can't you see it in his face?

We ain't in Tucson anymore:( 

Reading: Bill Bryson, The Mother Tongue

Watching: March Madness - men and women! 

Listening: bluegrass station on Spotify

Eating: pancakes and turkey sausage

Next up: Sunny King criterium, Joe Martin Stage race and Tour of the Gila

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