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Winston-Salem Cycling Classic

Winston-Salem Cycling Classic is a weekend full of bikes, friends, music and fun.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday bands play in Bailey Park from 7pm-midnight.  Bike racing is on Saturday and Monday and an awesome Fondo on Sunday.  A weekend full of all the fun!!!

Brad and I also visited a couple of elementary schools to talk about bikes, nutrition, perseverance, respect and grit.  We also had the chance to help Chad Andrews commentate on the races Saturday and Monday and it was a blast!! 

Next up: June 15-16th

Reading: Educated by Tara Westover

Listening: airport chum

Watching: The Horn on Netflix 

Eating: kale salad, summer fresh goodness

Brad and I hanging out at the Velocio airstream. 

Super host - Chad Andrews

Brad Huff and Brad Sohner after the Fondo. 

Brad and Phil Gaimon post Fondo let down. 

Bob Roll and myself.

Our buddy, Alex, manning the Velocio airstream. 

Enjoying the festivities and good food in downtown WS.

After WS, we headed to Mars Hill, N.C. to visit my brother and his family.  I struck out on a bike ride, thought I was taking the correct roads only to end up in TN!

And then I found my way back in the right direction. 

To spend time with this little one made my heart full. 

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