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You may not can tell but I DO have a job these days.  Did I tell you all that I’m working for USA Cycling Foundation? Check it out!!

The non profit foundation raises funds for USA Cycling, assist in supporting athletes to race at world championships, Olympics and for USA Cycling to help these athletes develop by having talent id camps and racing opportunities. 

When you look at the photos and events I’ve done below, it may seem that I’m just riding my bike and having fun - well kind of. What I don’t take pictures of are the meetings, dinners, emails, phone calls and conversations we are having with folks to figure out how to raise money and keep the donors we currently have happy and engaged. A lot of times this includes riding since that’s why we are all here - BIKES! 

Yet again, I’m starting over.  I know nothing of fundraising but what I DO know is my experiences racing for the national team, I know the athletes currently racing and how to connect with them and what they need.  I know I love this sport and want to continue to see USA do well at the world championships and the Olympics and to help grow cycling in the US. 

Did you know that most competitive countries have government assistance for Olympic sport development, the US is the only major industrialized nation that does not?

Did you know there are new events for cycling in Tokyo 2020? BMX Freestyle and BMX Race.

Did you know that we are hoping for more medals than ever before this year?

Did you know that we currently have multiple world champions in multiple disciplines and are on a great path to MORE success in Tokyo?

Did you know the Olympics are coming to LA in 2028?

I knew some of this but everyday learning more. 

There have been some struggles but I’m determined to learn and grow in this new chapter of my life. 

I’m on the plane back to SLC this morning and reflecting on a really great trip these past 3 weeks:

Cortez, CO to visit friends 

Tucson, AZ for 2 events: Mt. Lemmon Gravel Grinder and El Gruppo Fondo

San Francisco, CA for the USA Cycling Foundation board meeting

Los Altos, CA riding with former teammates, donors and USA Cycling athletes

Newbury Park, CA for the Mike Nosco ride

San Diego, CA for the Roadie-Oh Peter Sagan Fondo

Please enjoy these photos.... 

Jimbo has been a friend from the beginning.

Some staples of Tucson - Gord Fraser and Curtis Zimmerman(Presta Coffee).

Um, how did I get here? Mt. Lemmon Gravel Grinder is a cool one, add it to your list! But maybe think about a mountain bike over a gravel bike - your choice though. 

Thank you John for all your hard work!!! 

How do you recover from a day of gravel? A bike ride with friends for a good cause of course - El Gruppo Fondo with Kathryn B., Nicola Cranmer, my main squeeze, myself and Curtis. 

Early morning run before my flight. 

We also ride the motorized kind of bikes as well.  Katie Hall, Leah Thomas and myself out and about for dinner. It's always fun to be in the same place as former teammates. I love these two.

Sunrise ride across the Golden Gate Bridge? Yes please. This was a work meeting I promise. 

Another opportunity to ride with awesomeness?! I think I will.  Kate Courtney is a stud mountain biker and chasing that Olympic medal. Good luck lady!!

One of our current junior madison world champions - Zoe Ta-Perez, the future of cycling is bright y'all!

Good people right here - Tom Kattus. 

Some of the Dream Team looking for Reggie!!! 

Our sherpa crew. This makes my heart melt. 

Riding with a buddy at the start of the day - Greg Anzalone. 

Friends for life - Amber Pierce

Love my cycling family. 

We might have done an 8mile hike the day after the Mike Nosco Ride but again....who wouldn't want to meet a former Tour de France rider who actually raced 21 days????? Debbie Knickman everybody....

Just follow these two, it will be fine - Jack Nosco and Dave Zabriskie

Next day, ride with Reggie Miller! Again, I will NOT say no to that. Jack Nosco, Eric Bostrom, myself, Janel and Reggie. 

Friendship ride. 

More 'other bike' riding...

Finding Durango friends in CA is fun! 

Another athlete and friend that has a VERY bright future ahead of him in anything he does - Christopher Blevins ladies and gentlemen. 

My main squeeze!!

Our party crew from the Roadie-Oh Peter Sagan Fondo, this group had the most fun, I know it. 

Roadside find = photo opportunity. 

The fun continues once off the bike as well. Joe Berenyi(yet another stud athlete). 

Matt Bigos - can you guess??? A stud athlete!!! There's a theme. 

Annnnnd another!!! Kristin Mayer - founder of Betty Designs

One of my last photos of the trip....the Cardiff Kook. 

Next up - being still, at home, recharging. 

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