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Tucson has my heart

Since I’ve been back in town for the last couple of weeks, I’ve realized how much I love Tucson and why it’s so close to my heart.  The warm welcome from friends and new folks I receive makes me feel right at home and that I’ve only been gone for a second.  

Host families - 

I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing host families and friends over the years and they’ve played such an important role in my career. John and Leslie, Dave and Alisha, Kathryn Bertine, Ronnie and Julie, Kevin and Gail and Homestretch Foundation.  All of these people and places are dear to my heart, they mean so much to me and have opened my eyes to new experiences all around Tucson. 

Kathryn and I on a morning run...

Bike shops- 

Bicycle Ranch, Sabino Cycles and Fairwheel.  I would like to think my bike was always in working order and dialed in - NOT TRUE. All of these shops rescued me in times of need, set up brand new bikes, helped me with tricky component situations that I had no idea what to do and invited me on all the group rides.  I’ve bonded with sharing of beer, food and laughs and maybe a couple of head scratching moments. In return I’m only able to sign and give a jersey from years past and spread the love on social media.  

Homestretch ladies for December and friends....


All the bike lanes, all the group rides, all the wonderful roads and bike paths around town.  The gem show in February, the Christmas markets during the holidays, Winterhaven neighborhood allowing strangers to walk around and stomp around on your lawns looking at Christmas decorations.  Presta coffee shop welcoming cyclists who are dazed from the morning’s ride and can’t make decision and then sitting at the table for probably way to long in stinky clothes, clicking back and forth in our odd shoes.  The cool Boneyard tours, the mission, 6th street and now downtown is rocking with all kinds of new things to do.  

Curtis Zimmerman, owner of Presta, great guy and always helping us out. Thank you!


So predictable, so lovely -cold in the morning, warm during the day, very little rain, lots of sunshine.  I’ve been waking up at 5-6am, making a cup of coffee and taking a walk through the neighborhood, just admiring the beautiful morning sky against the mountainside. It’s my new favorite thing to do. 


There have been so many people that want to help pro athletes out, it’s pretty heartwarming from physical therapists, massage therapists, doctors, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors.  They are all willing to deal with our crazy schedules, last minute squeeze in, brain dead athletes.  They understand the dream and vision and work that goes into each day to be the best, it’s so cool to have their support and knowledge.  

The Stretchies with our yoga instructor, Tanya(in pink), after a lovely hour of namaste. 

Brad posing in front of the Christmas cactus...

Some great friends, Geoff and Julian.  They have always been supportive and up for rides and adventures. 

The ladies working their kitchen magic...

Spending some quality time with one of my former teammates, Leah Kirchmann.

Brad and I hiking to Seven Falls...

Our crew working on sprint drills...

Brad and I took the opportunity to meet the fine folks of Epic Rides at their offices. 

Happy holidays to your families!

Reading: Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez

Listening: Good Night by Parker Millsap

Watching: the sun rise every day

Eating: lots of family meals with the gals in the Homestretch house


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