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Summer in Colorado

Finally made it home the first of July.  It was a long time away - the first of March.  I had been gone so long I forgot where the silverware drawer was.  I found it. 

Hanging with Ashley and Rick and being a part of their documentary. 

Home roads, wide open spaces....

I opted to not go to Europe with the team, I needed a break and I needed some time at home.  They've done just fine without me but I miss them for sure. 

Home time has been filled with other adventures, hanging out with friends and having friends come to town to visit. I went to Salt Lake City to see one of my best friends - Lauren Komanski.  She's just moved there for 2 years from Winston-Salem, N.C.  We also have one of Brad's friends coming into town for the week and I think we will enjoy some adventures in Telluride and Crested Butte.  I can't wait. 

Lauren and I super excited to be hanging out for the weekend. 

Family ride!!!! Chris, Jack and Lauren. 

The Tully Toy even made it out west...

I started at the bottom of this road....

Are we having fun or what??? 

There are people on that rock somewhere...

Climbing up the mountain, I think this is Solitude ski area. 

Guardsman's pass, about to drop into Park City.  It's so amazing up here...

Mrs. Katie(Lauren's mom) and little Jack. 

Such a fun ride with these two. 

I mean come on!!!! How beautiful!

Reading: Swell by Liz Clark

Listening: Been Down This Road by Railroad Earth

Eating: homemade donuts

Watching: Tour de France

Website to check out: Tour of Colorado

Coming up: Tour of Colorado(August 16-19th), Gateway Cup, St. Louis, MO(August 31-Sept. 3)

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