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Season is in full swing

It was a late start to the season but I'm glad it's finally going and it feels like summer is fast approaching.  

We started our season in Anniston, AL with a cold and wet criterium at night.  By the end of the race I couldn't really feel my hands and we didn't stick around post race to chat with anyone.  We all made a mad dash to the team housing and jumped straight into a hot shower.  Lauretta was second in the race, from a breakaway.  Mom and dad made it to the race and I felt bad for them sitting out in the cold and wet but thankfully someone offered up their VIP passes to the heated tents. They still were frozen when I met them for dinner right off the course.  Mom had the great statement of the night, pondering the thoughts of the two of them still following their(almost 40yrs old) daughter around to sporting events. TRUTH and I'm very thankful for each memory we get to make together. 

What you can't see in this photo, I'm actually getting ready to race and I'm on one side of the barriers and mom and dad on the other.... there's always time for mom and dad. 

It was a cold night and it started raining soon after this photo. 

The crew about to head out for racing. 

I won this race last year, so I got a call up to the front row.  I'm sure I was looking for mom and dad:) 

Sunday morning we had short road race and Diana and I were 2nd and 3rd for the day.  Afterwards, the team quickly packed everything up in the truck, trailer and car and started our journey to Fayetteville, AR for the next race.

Diana and I on the podium. 

We won the race, we were on the podium every single day and it was a pretty special.  I also had the chance to have dinner, now a tradition, with my high school buddy - Hannah Smith, her mom and her daughter Emma. Fayetteville is such a special place.  The same neighborhood hosts the team every year and the whole street gets involved and by the end of the week there is some sort of BBQ or get together for everyone and it's just a really special night. Thank you to those families and friends who open their doors and welcome us. 

Yet again, after Sunday's race it was a mad dash to the airport to head straight to the next race in Silver City, NM.  We were all pretty blown by the time we arrived Monday afternoon but we were all smiles, had a good ride that afternoon and settled in nicely to the hotel. 

Guess what, every single day, a UnitedHealthcare rider was on the podium.  I was 3rd in the downtown criterium on Saturday. We had the leaders jersey from start to finish.  Another great week of racing with these amazing athletes. 

Riding the front, managing a breakaway up the road and keeping time gap right where we want it. Little faster, little slower, little faster, little slower;) 

Winning overall as a team.  I'm joking around, as always. 

On the podium again:) 

Brad drove to Silver City, so we left Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a nice, relaxing drive back home.  It's beautiful countryside from Silver City to I-40 if you ever get the chance. We would've loved to have stopped and explored but we were ready to get home because it's a short stay before we are both gone again. 

While home we've had a chance to catch up with friends, ride bikes and sit on the patio for most meals.  Everything is blooming and the weather has been perfect.  Good vibes, happy life. 

Riding with friends is always a good day. 

Next up: Redlands Bicycle Classic and Tour of California

Reading: The Wilderness Warrior by Douglas Brinkley

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