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Rooted Vermont x NAA Women's Gravel Clinic

This past weekend was full of new adventures, meeting a lot of really rad women and going out of our comfort zones just a bit to learn new skills, all of this at the women's gravel clinic in Richmond, Vermont. 

It was all about gravel, no matter what type of bikes showed up, we made it work and everyone had a blast. 

Day 1 was a morning of talking and getting an idea of what to expect while riding gravel. We also had a couple of ladies talk about life and that it doesn't have to be perfect to work(no matter what Instagram stories say). It was a well rounded chat, not just bikes. This photo is the mentors getting ready to do a 'hot lap' around the skills corner - we were psyched! 

I had so much fun learning from these ladies and getting to hang out and get to know them better - Laura King, Mary Zider, myself and one of the ladies attending camp. This was my face the whole weekend. 

Fuel/beverages for the ride and skills - thank you Untapped

And then some beverages to fuel the fun:) 

You know I love a good team huddle.

Thank you Amber, for including me in this weekend and thank you Laura for putting on Rooted Vermont later this summer.  I wish I could come back because I know it's going to be amazing! Please check out NAA's website and help support this amazing opportunity to give back. 

All photos courtesy of Ansel Dickey

Next up: USAC National Championships, Knoxville, TN to announce online with Brad Sohner

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