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Making the most of it

Brad and I are making the most of this situation, we are both working from home, he has his space and I have mine.  We take calls in the other room and we are mindful of our new 'work' space.

I've also managed to reorganize our bike room, something I've been putting off for a LONG time so there are some bright spots to being on lock down.  Next will be our storage unit, do I dare?!

I've also done a little bike maintenance, things that I usually just put up with while out riding, now I can take the time to fix it right(mostly right anyway). 

We've taken a quick trip to St. George last weekend to explore some new areas of the state, areas that are warm and snow melted.  We've checked in with family, everyone is doing well and just waiting it out.

Way out there

Lots of Joshua trees

So beautiful 

Do we jump in?? 

Before everything got out of control, I had the opportunity to go back to Mississippi and participate in the Red Bluff Fondo and I had such a good time reconnecting with friends that got me into this sport.  I'm so thankful for these people and I'm pretty sure I shed a tear when I got to spend a minute with them.  Red Bluff is no joke! It was slow rolling roads, rough pavement and some mean kickers! I hope I get invited back again next year because Frankie, Phil and I had some really funny stories on Friday night. 

Thankful for these guys. 

Too much fun with these guys. 

The group getting ready. 

Me being ready for FUN!

Making friends. 

So, so happy to see these guys. 

I also had a chance to spend some quality time with mom and dad and that always fills my heart right back up to the top.  

Looking so good in those donut glasses mom:) 

You never know what this man is up to...

I'm not sure what is next for us but I will be out and about on my bike or running - I hope ya'll are able to at least get out and get some fresh air.  

Reading: Old Man River by Paul Schneider and Ask More by Frank Sesno

Watching: the news daily

Listening: Mavis Staples

Eating: homemade sourdough bread 

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