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Let's go back to the holidays

Yes the holiday season is stressful but I'm already missing it because I'm already missing my family, let's do it again! 

Leaving the Homestretch family for our family for the holidays...

A night out in Tucson at one of the bike shops in town to celebrate Amy and her new book, Kathryn and her book, the Homestretch cookbook(holler if you want one) and my photo from QBP a while back. 

Christmas selfie in Tucson before we left....

Brad and I decided this year to drive back home to Missouri(his family home) and Mississippi from Tucson, AZ.  It was an eighteen hour drive, which wasn't so bad.  The weather turned cloudy and rainy towards the end of the trip to Missouri and there was a slight chance of ice but we made it safely to his dad's house.  We were lucky, the next morning traffic was a mess due to icy roads.  We celebrated Christmas at his mom's house with his siblings and extended family, played dirty Santa and I heard a lot of stories from their past times as kids.  

It's always great to see Cody and hang out, we usually laugh a LOT....

We still trained a little bit while we were traveling, we spent most of our time on the trainer and rollers due to weather and both of us getting a head cold but we made the most of it and watched Snatch on repeat.

After Christmas we got back in the truck and drove south to MS for my family. My brother Tully and his family just got a new puppy a couple of weeks before, she was so sweet and cute and full of puppy energy.  I loved on her a lot! Sorry Brad:)

In my lap.  Anytime Boo, anytime...

I don't know how he got her to look up, those two are silly. 

Awwww, so sweet.

We spent some time riding with my Uncle and some family friends in the military park, visited some of my other relatives with the little time we had before packing it all in and driving back out west to get ready for the season.  I don't think it was above 20degrees till 3hrs outside of Tucson, then it jumped to 65degrees! 

It's been a long time since I've seen Uncle Peter, it was so cool that he just happened to be driving by dad's project and we got to visit. 

What a great group here! We had a great ride in the military park, thank you Uncle Parker for organizing. 

Uncle John and his new Christmas gift :) 

It's good to be back in the warm weather, back in training routine and looking forward to the upcoming year. 

Thank you Presta for keeping me caffeinated and ready to ride....good coffee right here folks and some really great people. 

I couldn't remember if I had posted this photo before.  This was right before we left for Tucson, a friend came to visit and we had a great ride in the high country before there was any snow.  

A blast from the PAST!!!! hahah! I hope my brothers enjoy this as much as I did.  You know when you go home and find pictures to go through.  From Tully's shirt this is 1997ish....

Reading: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Watching: 9 to 5 with the Homestretch girls last night

Listening: Delbert McClinton radio on Spotify

Eating: breakfast coming up: grits, eggs and bacon

Coming up next: team camp Feb. 5-14

First race is in Phoenix, AZ - Valley of the Sun, Feb. 16-18th

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