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Let's catch up!

Man it all flies by so fast!!! When you spend less than two weeks in any one place, I guess it happens like that doesn't it?

After Gila, we headed to California for a couple of weeks of racing, training and more racing.  We raced Redlands Bicycle Classic and Katie wore the yellow jersey from start to finish.  It was a fun, hard weekend of racing but as always, we worked together, laughed a lot and had a great time as a team. 

This is us most of the time, goofing off, making each other laugh.

These guys love their job:) They have to much fun as well. 

Redlands was a mix of cold and hot.  This was the day it snowed where we were supposed to race. 

With Tour of California next on the race calendar, a couple of us went straight from Redlands to South Lake Tahoe to get acclimated and to ride the 2nd stage of Tour of California, knowing it was an important stage.  This race is probably the biggest for us in North America and there was a lot of pressure on us to win and guess what, we DID! I had an amazing day at Tahoe, giving Katie the perfect set up she needed.  We were able to celebrate with some burgers and beer after the racing was over but don't settle down to much, it was time to fly to the east coast for some racing. 

Hanging out at Lake Tahoe for the week was such a treat.

Diana and I at Emerald Bay.

This is the famous Howie Nave!! He interviewed a couple of us on his radio show, so I invited him on a ride with us and he ended up showing us some great local spots in Tahoe.  It was such a blast to meet him and hear some great stories he had. 

Out to dinner one night, on the town.  As everyone knows, when the sun goes down, it gets cold.  The restaurant gave us blankets to keep warm. 

Trying to take a selfie with the lake in the background - fail. 

We made the LA Times!

Everyday we sign on to say who is present at the start of the race.  It's more for show, so this year the race organization had the idea to make it a surfboard and then donate the board afterwards with all the names.  Cool idea:) 

Heading up the mountain, I'm on the front.  Notice my face vs Katie, she doesn't even look like she's breathing hard! 
Pre race, getting food, beverages, sunscreen.  

Winston Salem road race, Gatineau road race and national championships.  

I had some closure at Winston Salem race, I didn't perform well but this is where I crashed last year and it was good to come out of the weekend with all my skin and bones in place. 

After the race in WS, I also had the pleasure of hanging out with one of my best friends - Lauren Komanski and her family.  It was a quick catch up but still wonderful. 

Within all this racing, Brad and I made a quick trip to MS to check in with the family and take a breath for a weekend.  It was nice to ride in the boat, relax, do some yard work with dad and just spend time with my family outside a racing environment. 

The sunset view, so peaceful. 

My nephew is such a hoot, he kept us on our toes. 

A quick stop for some mudbugs and a visit with my high school buddy - Matt Coulon.

I had less than 24hrs back home before back on a plane to Canada.  The rest did me some good, I won the race!!!! Now I'm back in N.C. doing some last bit of fine tuning before national championships which are in Knoxville, TN the last weekend of June(if you wanna come and watch). 

The podium from Gatineau. 

Hanging with my niece in between races.  Watch out world.

Lunch with Sasa at school before summer break. 

Then it will be time to fly back to Colorado and be home for a good bit of time.  Hopefully the fires aren't to bad, they aren't close to home but the air quality will be a concern. 

Next up: National Championship road race, Knoxville, TN

Eating: turkey sandwich and chips

Watching: bike racing -⁠…

Listening: Rock That Body by the Black Eyed Peas(my niece's favorite song)

Reading: The Wilderness Warrior by Douglas Brinkley

Website: An article on my cycling life. 

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