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Important women in my life

Growing up with two older brothers, I was a tomboy, I didn't like the color pink heck I'm still not that fond of it and I didn't really have many 'girl' friends.  

Thank goodness for sports - basketball, soccer, track, tennis, cycling, running.  This is where I met all my girlfriends, where I connected with others like me, my crew, my group, my people. 

When I was in high school, I ran track and played basketball for my school and I remember playing Jackson St. Joe.  There was this other girl that was super outgoing, had lots of friends around her and she stuck out as someone who looked really cool.  Then we ended up on the same select soccer team together and that was the start of a life long friendship with Brandi White Lee.  We played soccer at the same college together, graduated together, and lived in the same part of MS together and married around the same time.  My path took me to Colorado and hers continued in MS but we are still the closest of friends.  She is the person I call on when I need advice, I call her for a laugh and she does the same.  This relationship is so important in my life and she is one of 6 other MSU women that we all have this same relationship.  We have a text thread a mile long about relationships, kids, work, travel, men and just life! There are days when I will have 200+ text messages and I know someone is fired up over something.  

There is a same connection for me from my cycling women in my life.  Again, there are a handful that I bounce all kinds of stuff off of. Without them I would not be the woman I am today.  I'm so thankful, so lucky that these women are there for me and I can be there for them.  

Brandi, Amy, Sam, Jenn, Alyssa, Charleston, Jade, Janel, Ashley, Kathryn, Amber, Rachel, Kristen....

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