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Homestretch Foundation

I've been working at the Homestretch Foundation for almost 2 months now and I can't tell you how rewarding it has been for me. I gush to others about the culture created within the house between the ladies, they nurture each others training, goals and dreams.  They push each other to be better and do more for the community and you can hear the laughs and stories from afar and it warms my heart.  

All smiles before our group rides....

I know that when they leave here the Homestretch family is with them forever now. I know this because it is with me and was with me during my last two seasons.  We would be at races together, say hello, help each other in the peloton, lift each other up with a smile or a hello or coffee and just recognize what a great thing Homestretch was for our winter training. 

Being around such smart, talented ladies makes me so happy.

Riding with great folks and meeting new friends. 

One of our Stretchies enjoying lunch is good.

Another Stretchie enjoying the sunshine and warm weather here in Tucson. 

I'm enjoying my role here, still wondering what path I want to take in the next coming years. The foundation has helped me as well, giving me a place to land on my feet in the job world until I can figure out the next step.  I still get to ride my bike, I still get to mentor the ladies but in a bit more stable environment and not traveling.  

Hanging with friends and enjoying life. 

Not bad eh?

As of now for 2019, I know I'm going to race some mountain bike races and a couple of gravel races - all for fun.  I'm going to work some camps, to teach women about the skills of cycling and attend a couple of road biking events that have always been on my radar - not races, just events. I also hope to get home more this summer, back to my brothers and their families and hopefully have some other adventures with them. 

Signage here in Tucson.

Reading: The Artful Evolution of Hal & Mal's

Watching: Loren Rowney's live stream of the Women's Tour Down Under(there is no live stream and that's super lame!)

Eating: right now just drinking coffee waiting for the sun to come up

Listening: Mandolin Orange's Hey Stranger over and over again so I can learn it on the guitar.

Website to check out:, we are spending a lot of time here to learn how to play new songs.

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