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Fondo season

We kicked off the 'fondo' season with Bricks and Spokes in Vicksburg, MS.  Fondos are organized rides for fun with different ride distances so all kinds of bike riders can participate.  There is usually a variation of 10, 30, 60, 100 mile routes, sometimes more, sometimes less.  It's so great to do these events, for me it fills my heart with cycling love and it makes me so happy to have this sport in my life.  I get to meet people from all over the world, all levels, all doing the same thing - riding bikes for fun! 

Bricks and Spokes. A ride that raises money for the downtown area of Vicksburg.  We were allowed to ride our bikes across the old MS river bridge(closed due to Homeland Security), then come back and ride through the military park - what a great ride! And an even better day. 

Riding with my nephew Tully.  He is 12 and we rode 30miles together.  

My sister in law, nephew and uncle.  We all ride bikes and we are of all ages.  I love bikes! 

Half way and T3 was riding like a champ. 

Ride of the Ancients.  This ride is up and coming and only has one distance right now -100miles. It's in Cortez, CO and is pretty intense but again so worth it! This ride raises money for individuals in the community dealing with cancer.  Money raised goes to those individuals living with cancer who need to get to and from treatment who might not be able to afford the gas, hotel, food to get to those treatments.  Again a pretty amazing reason to ride your bike and support this cause. 

Cyclekids Ride. This is a program that is nation wide and available  for any community wanting to get kids on bikes.  Of course I immediately wanted one in MS once I found out about the program.  Jayce Powell at Bicycle Revolution has worked his tail off into making that happen.  We started a program at Highland Elementary in Ridgeland, MS 3 years ago and every year the program needs to raise $5,000 for books and bike maintenance. So this year was the first year of the Cyclekids ride and we had such a great turnout and lots of questions about the program.  It was so heartwarming and fulfilling to see everyone on their Saturday to be with us and ride with us. 

Mike Nosco Memorial Ride.  This one is nearest and dearest to my heart. This is my third year coming back out to California for this event and it seems to grow every year.  It's amazing, there were about 1,000 people that rode this year's event.  There are three different routes, 46, 62 and 80miles.  It's hard but people from all walks of life come out for this ride.  This ride raises money for people in the community dealing with illness, cancer, ALS, whatever. They need financial help and this ride is able to bring some relief.  This year there were 8 recipients and these people come to the ride and it blows my mind to see them out there smiling and laughing, having a great time knowing the struggles and pain they are going through daily.  It's pretty inspirational.  To think, on Monday I get to ride my bike again but this guy talking to me has chemotherapy - puts it all in perspective. 

Hanging out with this crew lifts my spirits, warms my heart and gives me so much motivation in life. L to R: Brad, Ayesha, Kathryn, Amber, myself.

The man in the middle is Jack Nosco.  He is an inspiration and he is able to get us all together for an amazing cause. 

Ayesha is kind of famous;) We love her more than her cover photo but it's also cool as all get out that she is on the cover of Outside mag. 

The famous Johnny Walsh! Walshy taught me how to ride the track and I'm forever grateful to spend time with him in CA.  He is a great guy and always a shoulder to lean on. 

This is Neil.  He is one of the recipients of the Mike Nosco Foundation and he was full of life and love.  It was so nice to meet him and get a chance to hang out and laugh a LOT.  Fight every day Neil!!!!! 

The man to the left is Richard Hiraga.  He has sponsored multiple teams I've been on and it was an honor to spend some quality time riding bikes together.  Talking, laughing and telling great stories. 

Two of my favorite people - Brad and Jack Nosco, post ride. 

Also had the opportunity to ride with Reggie Miller.  He was so awesome and we had such a fun ride! Janel is my best friend and I'm so thankful we got to have some quality time together as well. 

Reggie showing us around.  This is near Point Mugu, overlooking the PCH.  This is also what has burned this last week.  It was pretty crazy to be in Thousand Oaks during all of the mayhem but I was so thankful to help out however I could.

Lots of riding and quality time with this one.  We had so much fun together. 

El Tour de Tucson. "Through the years over $90 million has been raised through El Tour for over 40 different local & national nonprofit organizations." from the El tour website. How can you not love that?! Again, a couple of different routes but of course I'm going big, 100miles cause why not? 

Then that's it! We will be home for Thanksgiving(Colorado), spend time with friends for a bit and then it will be time to head to Tucson to go to WORK for the Homestretch Foundation.  I'm really excited about this and look forward to the winter. 

Reading: A Wall of White by Jennifer Woodlief

Watching: people walk by the coffee shop

Eating: breakfast smoothies that Janel is making

Listening: coffee shop music

Website: This is a company a buddy of mine has created and the vibrating foam roller is a game changer! 

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