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‘Exploration season’ and some home time

Some call it the off season, some call it transition time, I’ve decided it’s more like exploration season.  Brad and I hiked trails in the San Juan National forest for our exploration.  I’m pretty sure I will be a camper when I finish cycling and have a bit more time at home to spend in the mountains.  We tried to maximize our time in the mountains, searching every night for a new trail, then up every morning, out the door to the high country.  We hiked shorter distances, 2-5miles but at high altitude - 8,000ft-11,000ft.  The views were spectacular and no photo I took truly captured them but I tried. 

We also flew to Florida for my family’s annual vacation together.  We spent the weekend in Destin, FL and weathered hurricane Nate.  We did get some quality beach time with everyone and we were able to see Brad’s brother and his family again this year.  My brother introduced me to a drink called the ‘miami vice’.  It was tasty and dangerous! Just one please, that’ll do. 

After family vacation, Brad and I loaded up with mom and dad and we headed back to Vicksburg for a couple of days. We spent time at the lake house working on small projects, it’s a Tully Hall tradition to do yard work before relaxing. We visited with family and friends before Brad had to head out to an event.  I also had a chance to ride motorcycles with my uncle.  He had just purchased his latest Harley beauty and named her Rosalita.  We had lunch together and then cruised for about an hour.  I can see the similarities between cycling and motorcycles, it was fun!

I signed dad and I up for the Over the Bridge 5mile walk for Saturday morning.  I got to see some old friends of mine from middle school and it warms my heart to be able to see these people in person.  After the event, I drove to Jackson to catch up with two of my soccer teammates from MSU days.  We spent lunch together, catching up, laughing a lot and realizing not much changes, which made us laugh more. I’m so thankful for the friends and family that enrich my life. 

It will be good to get home to Colorado but being in MS is a recharge for me and every time I leave, I miss mom and dad immediately but I know they support me in chasing my dreams and living my life.  

Until next time Mississippi….

Reading: Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zomorodi

Watching: clouds from the airplane seat

Eating: mom fixed us Blue Apron most nights - it was yummy

Listening: Muchacho by Kings of Leon

Up next: back on the bike, back to training, maybe home for Thanksgiving and Tucson bound when the snow starts to pile up. 

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