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Emmitt Smith Fondo and Tour de Komen

There are so many great things going on that it's hard to keep up with telling y'all about them.  

Two very important events coming up: Emmitt Smith Grand Fondo and the Tour de Komen with Reggie Miller. 

First, the Emmitt Smith Grand Fondo.  September 14th, multiple route options(94,58,41,22 miles and a family Fondo option) all starting in the same location at the Southfork Ranch Property - the home in the TV show Dallas! 

The event supports the Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities, which helps families in need with books, food, school uniforms, medical screenings and mentorship - I love all of this!!! 

There will be a Friday VIP ride, I mean who doesn't want to ride with Emmitt???? And me maybe? ;) 

Check out the website above, sign up and let's go ride bikes together!

Second, Tour de Komen, September 27, starting in Fishers, IN.  There is only one ride option - 100miles but it's with some of your favorite athletes! Reggie Miller for one, plus Ayesha McGowan, Alison Tetrick, Holly Breck, Laurel Rathburn and Raylyn Nuss and myself!!! 

I can't wait for these adventures, time to get off this computer and get outside. 

Theme to my photos??? Having fun!!!! Amy and I riding in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Getting our recovery on with Ikor. 

Seeing friends, having fun and riding bikes - not always in that order but always smiling. 

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