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CampoVelo photo book

CampoVelo was such a fun weekend of bikes, food, fun and maybe a sip(or two) of wine. I might now have a new favorite place to ride bikes, it was beautiful!!!!! Napa Valley, CA

My buddy Andy and I for a spin. 

Hanging at the back of the group, we like to call this the 'sprinters' lounge'. 
The weekend was a lot of this - wine, good food and new experiences. 
At Tamber Bey winery for a fashion show.  I've made it! I've been in a fashion show....hahahah! We wore Toad&Co clothing so nothing I wasn't used to wearing:) 
Riding with the chefs and wine makers. 
Cooking with the one and only Bryan Voltaggio and my best buddy Janel Holcomb.
"Hey Lauren, do you remember everything from culinary school?"

Me: nervously ummmmm, hahahah, hahah. 
We even had a quick minute to head over to Tank Garage Winery for a tasting with Bertus.  He is their winemaker so it was pretty cool to get the inside scoop.  
Spending time with these amazing ladies: Jennifer Tetrick, myself, Dotsie Bausch and Janel Holcomb
An evening of fun at the dirt track on bicycles.  This was our relay team. Fun? What fun? 
Still more fun!!!!! Chris Costantino is the main driving force behind this whole event, raising money for No Kid Hungry, he was such a nice guy.  
Janel and I with Bob Roll before the start.
Having fun on the ride. 

Andy and Terry had a good ride as well. 
FINISHED!!!!! All smiles, sunshine and balloon rainbows. 
Janel is always there to make me smile and maybe give me a push every now and again. Love this lady!

Reading: Dopesick by Beth Macy

Listening: Shake by The Head and the Heart

Eating: avocado toast with shaved parmesan and an egg on top

Watching: Redbull TV women's World Cup MTB race(spoiler alert: an American wins).

Up next: Winston-Salem, N.C. May 22-27th for the Winston-Salem Bicycle Classic.  We will be at the VIP tent and riding the grand Fondo - come by and say hello. 

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