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Back at it

It's time to get lean and mean again, when you train so hard your brain becomes mush or so it feels.  I've been back in the gym, getting stronger, putting the time in on the bike, doing efforts, riding a bunch of miles and coming home totally exhausted.  The last two nights I was asleep by 8:30pm and not up until 7:30am. 

Brad and I went to an event in California, the Mike Nosco Memorial ride.  This event gives financial relief to individuals in the community and this ride is very important to me emotionally. It was also an opportunity to be a part of the Network for Advancing Athletes which held a women's clinic leading up to the Nosco ride.  My good friend Amber Pierce runs this program and she is such an inspiration for me to spread the love and knowledge of cycling to anyone who is interested or needs help.  

These guys were nice to go slow enough for me to capture this photo.  They are really fast 99% of the time. 

Riding with Brad and Jeff Byers(ex NFL player turned cyclist).

One of the best photographers in the world - Brian Hodes. Check him out on FB.

I was home for 2 days before flying to Orlando, FL for a UnitedHealthcare event.  It was a bike expo for the day, talking bikes, bike rides, races, tactics, teammates and all things that make up our racing team.  

Hanging at the event with my teammate, she is so serious;) 

Now I'm home, relaxing, no travel coming up, just training and enjoying being in Colorado.  We had our first snowfall last night and it's going to be a cold one on the bike today.  It makes you stronger;) 

We will be driving home for Christmas, both to Missouri and Mississippi.  I look forward to being with my family and with Brad's family. 

Up next - making our way to Tucson soon, holidays at home and not much else. 

Reading: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Watching: Stranger Things on Netflix

Listening: MSU football on the radio

Eating: Cinnamon, raisin toast

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