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A whirlwind summer!!!

Hanging with friends post rides....

Pretty motivating manhole covers in town. 

Listening to free music in the mountains...

Getting the opportunity to announce national championship road race with this guy!!!! Brad Sohner

And catching up with friends pre race - Katie Hall, myself, Leah Thomas and Tavis Cummings.

Picking Ruth for the win on the day(she won)!!! And all because of her stellar teammate Tayler Wiles. 

Spending some time at home with the family which always means some manual labor. 

It's always worth whatever it took to get there to spend time with this guy. 

These two, ahhh, melt my heart. 

Oh the circus!

Dad making sure the boat doesn't sink before I get to drive it....good quality time. 

More time with great friends. Dave and Alisha Welsh

Lots of exploring new trails!

Girls weekend in Breckenridge. 

So thankful for this crew in my life. 

Having the opportunity to mentor some young ladies on mountain bikes!

Announcing the SLC crit with Frankie Andreu. 

More time with great friends!

Filling my heart n soul even more with quality time with great people.

Seeing Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats!!!!!

Trying to spend as much time as possible with this sweet man of mine.

He is quite the showman:) We went to Winter Park, CO to watch mtb nationals and cheer on our friends and of course have fun. 

More fun adventures coming up - 100mile event in Steamboat, CO

Reading: Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell

Watching: Friends reruns

Listening: John Prine, Pretty Good

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