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Nationals, family and friends

It's been a busy month since coming back to the US from Europe, I'm realizing this by seeing how long it's been since I've posted last. 

I went back to Colorado for a couple of weeks to prepare for nationals and to be off the road for a short time(it's really good for the soul). It was so nice to be back in thin air, to see friends, to get things checked off the list and to just totally focus on training.

Nationals was in Winston-Salem, N.C. followed by 2 races that the city puts on, so my family drove up and we had a great weekend of bike racing, good food and catching up.  It's always to short, to fast but I enjoyed my time with everyone.  After nationals, we headed to Philadelphia to race the iconic Philly Classic.  Now we are in New Jersey, in between races and next we head to Arlington for the weekend and then on to Minnesota for another race before another break.  

And now for the photos.... 

When Colorado gives you rain and hail, you hide in the rest area bathroom and dry out under the hand drier. 

Head towards the rain, then turn around and ride like hell! 

Jimbo is amazed by how big my guns are!! hahaha 

The team's big rig:) 

One of the great joys of cycling, taking me back to friends I haven't seen in years... 

Good people in this world - Amber Rais. 

Traveling is quite interesting at times - cat in a bag

A quick visit to my friend Kathryn Bertine after her crash.  She remembered me! ha:) I'm so happy she is on the road to recovery. 

Colorado makes me so happy. 

My summer food - arugula salad, sauerkraut, kimchi, tuna salad, carrots, roasted beets, sweet potatoes and cottage cheese. 

How can you not pet these two! 

Sunning the guns! ha 

Jimbo finally caught the raccoon eating his cats' food, this guy/gal was BIG and NOT happy about being caught. 

Spotted on our ride in California... creepy. 

When the team stops at a coffee shop or cafe, we kinda take over the bike rack. 

My very own label!!! 

Party hats with Lindsay Myers: )

Emily is such a good sport.  I was messing around with her about her white nurse shoes:) 

One of our team sponsors is Lagunitas beer, so we were able to visit the brewery in Petaluma and had some fun tasting beer. 

Traveling, always traveling.  In the truck with Brie and Emily. 

Catching a red eye to Winston Salem from San Francisco post Tour of California. 

You gotta love a dog that knows how to be taken care of...

Happy days when I get to see poppa! 

She is such a big helper, we had fun at dinner both nights with the family. 

The Hall family never misses a photo opportunity:) 

After dinner walk...

It takes a big table and a LOT of food to feed a cycling team...

Catching up with these two made the weekend:) 

Reading: The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower - it's ok...a couple of good stories in there...

Watching: nothing really, no time! 

Eating: see above photo;) 

Listening: Justin Timberlake's - Can't Stop This Feeling!

Website: I bought some American flag socks, they are now my favorites:) 

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