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Professional cyclist from the state of Mississippi

Happy holidays

Howdy everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a happy, relaxing, enjoyable holiday season.  It's not the gifts you receive or give, it's not about how decorated your house is or isn't, it's about being with the one's you love and if that isn't possible - then have them in your thoughts and in your hearts and let them know you are thinking about them - that's what I'm going to do anyway. 

My brother is traveling, I can't get home so thank goodness for the internet, for FaceTime and for Skype. 

Not many people read my blog and I don't care but I do care about the group I send this blog to - YOU.  You are all a part of my journey in life, you all are in my heart, I think about you all often and I'm thankful for each and every one of you. 

Cheers from Tucson and love life and live it to the fullest! 

This looks like our old car!!! But ours was a 4 door Caprice....what a keeper! Found in Tucson. 

I'm trying to fix the photo issue but in the mean time I'm putting them up anyway - it's very annoying I apologize.  These are my napping buddies. 

Tazer says it's way to early for us to be up!! 5am:) 

One of my buddies - Alexey Vermeulen.  He is 20 and has signed a deal with a pro tour team and is headed to Europe full time next year.  I'm super excited for him. 

I've been by Presta and Stella Java a couple of times this trip, Curtis is a super cool guy and his family is so sweet, thank you for the hospitality. 

My brother, Tully, is building up an Olmo as well. This is a cool bike. 

 No K cups, no frap, no mocha chi soy dupidee dooda, just coffee.

The 4th street market always has something cool and interesting, you just have to look for it! The black straight piece to the left is where you slot in your iPhone.  It's an acoustic speaker for your phone:) 

Reading: Chainsaws & Casseroles by Marshall Ramsey

Watching: the beautiful sunset over the mountains

Listening: Follow Your Bliss Spotify channel

Eating: Sauerkraut and kimchi over farro with a meat sauce that has broccoli, onion and garlic in the sauce - YUM! 


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