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Well hello there!

A BIT overdue on updating this but that is because I've been having so much fun, I haven't had a chance to sit down and type it all out.  

We finished up our racing in Europe, came back to the US, Brad and I moved into a house together(snuck that one in on ya) and right when we were settling down in the house it was time to hit one more road trip for the last of the season's racing.  

West Hill House Bed and Breakfast in Warren, VT.  This is where we stayed for the bike race and the owners were so awesome. 

When Alizee has a race plan, she likes to write it on her arm.

Waiting on podium with this crazy crew.

The race organizers, it's always nice to meet the folks behind the event.

Maple ice cream is THE BEST! 

We had the opportunity to race in Burlington, Vermont, Doylestown, Pennsylvania and Boston, Massachusetts.  I had only raced in Boston one other time back in 2010, so it was a great experience to get to spend some quality time in these areas and really appreciate it. 

Brad found these ski boots that someone was giving away.  He was riding around in his pair while we took this photo. 

Riding with friends is always fun, this is Ellen Noble, she is a stud in cyclocross and road. 

We were waiting for prize money post race, so I figured I would help out Tina take off her numbers.  She has always been a bright spot in the peloton. 

Cool places to see in western, MA.

When you find a truck that has tires almost as tall as you, you take a photo. 

Roadside friends. 

After these races, the transition to racing to chilling started and it's been a lot of fun to put the bike aside and do other things - bingo, frisbee golf, hiking, mountain bike rides, hanging out with friends and making lots of homemade salsa thanks to a friend's garden:)

The sunset view from our back porch, over looking the Ute mountain.

Jimbo doesn't eat fruit that often so it was good to capture the moment in a picture. 

Mesa Verde is something everyone should see, it's so amazing and beautiful. This was only a tiny portion of it. 

We get a lot of bums in the park due to nice weather and I accidentally got a little close to him during the disc golf game.  Sorry buddy. 

I'm racing again next year, this time with United Health Care Team.  They are based out of Asheville, N.C. and I've raced for the director-Rachel Heal- in prior years, so it will be great to be racing under her again and with a great group of gals.  I don't know my schedule just yet, I will probably know more in February but I do know that national championships are in Knoxville, TN this year and I look forward to checking out another new town via bicycle:) And I hope the family can make it to the race again like they have for all the years past - that has been so much fun.

Next up is Blue Ridge Bicycle Tours - a camp I look forward to working with some other professional cyclists, then on to family vacation with a couple of days in Vicksburg with mom and dad.  After a quick stop there, I'm headed to California for 2 events before heading to Kona.  I can't wait for ALL of it! 

Reading: Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean

Watching: last night's debate(sigh)

Listening: local radio station

Eating: homemade roasted salsa

Website: and the 2 events I'm doing in CA.

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