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Colorado - home and racing

I've had some quality time at home these past few weeks, or has it been a whole month?! How lucky am I?

It's been really nice to be home for this amount of time, we've had friends come visit and we've had the opportunity to enjoy some local events and the farmer's market. 

Monsoon season in full swing, rain in the afternoon, keeps things cool, so you ride first thing in the morning.

Puppy sitting for a friend...

My quiet time...

Balloon festival here in town...

It was fun to get up close and personal, ask questions as they were setting up and just see the process. 

One of our friends that came to visit...

It's also this time of year that I love driving to the front range because driving over the mountains is absolutely gorgeous and fun.  We raced in Colorado Springs, Breckenridge and Denver - 4 races in 3 days.  I won 2 of those races for the team and we had a blast taking part in the fun. 

Coffee stop with the girls....

Podium with a couple of amazing athletes...

Just enjoying the moment....

In the groove....

Podium the first night....

Ok, get your brain together Hall.....gonna be on TV:) 

And now we are enjoying some quiet time at home before heading to Springfield, Missouri for a week, then on to St. Louis, Missouri to race 4 days of criteriums, called Gateway Cup.

Reading: Camino Island by John Grisham

Watching: Last Chance U, a Netflix series about EMCC in Scooba, MS

Listening: NPR on Saturday morning

Eating: bacon, it's good for you I promise

Website:, a great website for really nice puzzles. 

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