Lauren Hall

Professional cyclist from the state of Mississippi

Home roads and Boulder training

It's 8:27am and I'm all packed up, in my truck, about to head to Breckenridge, CO to start the USA Pro Challenge - 3 day stage race here in Colorado.  

I was at home for a couple of weeks, training, riding in the mountains, Telluride, Lizardhead Pass, Durango, preparing for the last push of the season.  This time of year comes on so fast! It seems just yesterday I was heading to Europe for the spring races.

Bike path into Telluride...

Hard to see the power plant up there with my foggy phone but this is the end of town(Telluride), lots of people parking and hiking, motorcycles, mountain bikes heading up to that spot.

When I see views like this it is such a warm reminder of how freakin lucky I am to be able to do this full time. 

Cool Telluride home, I loved the wood stacked up so neat. 

The Telluride airport and landing strip - right off the side of the cliff if the pilot isn't careful;) 

From the airport road looking back into Telluride.

From one mountain to another... 

All this compresses down into 1 bag, plus 2 bike bags and a backpack....


Wide open spaces...  

Stopped for road construction, stepped out of the truck for this photo...

No photo can do it justice...

I love driving in Colorado late summer, the weather is wonderful and it makes the drive and views spectacular, no A.C. needed.  I left Dolores, drove through Durango, Pagosa Springs, South Fork, Del Norte, Buena Vista, Breckenridge and over to Erie.

I've been here in Erie, the outskirts of Boulder for the last week with some friends of Michael's that hosted me and we've had such a good time.  I've joined a group ride from Boulder with some locals, suffered through a couple of climbs and watched hot air balloons take off and LAND! 

I walked out of the back patio to see this beautiful hot air balloon...

Then he landed in the backyard! Really cool!

I have lots of photos for you guys, it was so much I couldn't capture all of the wonderful moments. 

These two have made my stomach hurt so much from laughter, I'm thankful to have them in my life and on this team:) Lauren Komanski and Andrea Dvorak.

Pearl Street is like Bourbon Street, minus the alcohol but lots of street performers...

Even the ice cream shop has healthy choices - Kombucha Float...

Finding things to take photos with...

He needed his hoof cleaned... I know the tan lines are ridiculous but I'm proud of em and I wanted to wear something cute = that look. 

Leap frog!!!

Statue man;)....

Take the money and run!!!!


At the top of our road climb....

Dre isn't so sure....

Our last sunset before heading out to the race...

It's not all work and no play.... just a little please... 

Reading: Shantaram

Watching: the sunsets in Colorado

Listening: Marie Lavaeu by Bobby Bare

Eating: flank steak with chimichurri sauce


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