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These past 6 weeks have been full of family, racing and traveling and it's filled my heart and soul.

Looking through photos, this one made me tear up.  This was the day we left Tucson and I love these girls and I look forward to seeing them on the road. 

Georgia - My first stop, Tour of the Southern Highlands in Woodstock, GA.  We had a great race and it was fun to be back in the south! From there I drove with our team mechanic back to Asheville, N.C.

We always find good coffee shops

Ahh, the things you see in parking lots...

North Carolina - I spent 3 weeks with my brother Ben, Verka and little Sasa.  We had a lot of fun hanging out for that amount of time.  We went to the bike shop to buy Sasa her first real bike, we went to the Biltmore for a tour and to have lunch, we spent time down at the river by Ben's house with our cousin Sarah and her husband Jamie and their girls and we had the chance to meet up with Lauren Komanski(my former teammate) for dinner.  

Ben's driveway was a daily challenge, up and down. 

This sweet girl..

Sarah and Jamie, they were driving through to MS and stopped in for the night.

Walking up to the Biltmore from the gardens...

That's a BIG fireplace... 

A Moonpie gal...

Training in Asheville is phenomenal! Lots of two lane roads, not much traffic at all and endless ups and downs in the mountains. 

Group ride...

Ben has my grandfather's old helmet and I thought it would be cool to do a side by side...

Tennessee - While in Asheville, I was asked to go to Knoxville for the USA Cycling national championships course reveal and press conference.  It was a great experience and an opportunity to see the course first hand. 

Prior to the press conference. 

Arkansas - The team flew to Fayetteville, AR for the Joe Martin Stage Race.  It was such a great weekend, we won the race and we had a great neighborhood BBQ with all of the host families. I also got to spend some time with my high school friend Hannah Lambiotte and her daughter Emma and Hannah's parents.  Dad drove up and Brad and I drove back home to MS with him. 

Sweet Emma, she was so cute. 

Mississippi - We spent the week at home in Vicksburg, hung out with mom and dad and went to the lake house for a night. 

Well look here! Y'all match! haha.  Aunt Linda and Brad matching is so cute. 

Louisiana - If you know my dad, you know he wasn't going to let Brad outta sight without some work around the house:) We rode bikes in the morning and helped out around the house in the afternoon.

So pretty, looking out at Lake Bruin from the front porch. 

Alabama - At the end of the week, mom, dad, Brad and I drove to Anniston, AL for the Sunny King criterium and McClellan road race held this past weekend. It was the icing on the cake kind of weekend.  It was good to spend that much time with mom and dad and we won both races which was fun for mom and dad to be a part of. 

I'm back in Colorado now for 5 days before heading to Silver City, NM this weekend for the Tour of the Gila stage race. It's so good to be home but I feel like I've been at home this whole time on the road with family. 

Reading: In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson

Watching: not much since the Lady Bulldogs highlights of beating UConn

Eating: drinking lots of chocolate milk and protein

Listening: news on the radio

Website:⁠…  Something I support because I think this is great for our community and kids. 

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