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Fall fun

Fondo/camp season is winding down.  This time of year is so refreshing, riding with friends, family and meeting new people who have the same passion for the sport as I do.  A couple of these events have been planned since the beginning of the year and to see the planning come to fruition was a lot of fun.  

Brad and I started from Cortez, CO to Charlottesville, VA for the Blue Ridge Bike Tours with Saul Yeaton and Brian Lewis.  This camp was 3 days long and we had a good group for the weekend.  We laughed a lot, mostly at each other but had some productive conversations about all things cycling and health.  

The grounds of UVA.

Some of the students' rooms on campus.  We had a lot of fun walking around and getting our history lesson. 

So good to see Andrea Dvorak again. 

Then we were on to Hall family vacation in Navarre Beach, FL.  We got to ride bikes there, riding with my brothers, sister in law and my nephew.  We also helped T3(nephew) get through his first ever real crash.  The poor thing caught the lip of the bike path and some sand and down he went.  But he was resilient and finished the ride in high spirits.  From there we drove to Vicksburg, MS to see my home town and ride through the military park with my uncle.  We had a great family visit.

Brad getting some 'makeup' from Ally. 

Beach life. 

So, so much fun to ride with my nephew.  He likes to go FAST! 

Riding away. 

These two:) 

Having all the fun with everyone. 

Gotta take selfies. 

Another family ride!!! 

Ben and Verka at sunset. 

Dad always finds the fun stuff on the road. 

That’s when Brad went on to Kona, HI to work his last weeks of camps with Big Island Bike Tours and I headed to Thousand Oaks, CA for two cycling events - Mike Nosco Foundation Ride and Phil Gaimon’s Cookie Dough Fondo.  I can say, that if you want to get in some quality climbing with all of your friends and be fully supported and looked after with water and food, these rides are for you.  Both days were spectacular, riding for a good cause and enjoying kicking my own butt up the mountains.  My bonus was spending time with my best friends, Amber Rais and Janel Holcomb, two wonderful human beings I’m thankful to have in my life. 

Another great - Janel Holcomb. 

Phil's Fondo!!!! 

And then we made the Wall Street Journal

I’m now headed to meet back up with Brad in Kona, I think I’m helping with the tours as well.  I’m excited to continue the fun and ride with purpose.  The season is coming sooner than later with racing starting again in January so there isn’t much time to dawdle now. I’m soaking in every moment of these events and memories made.  This has become my favorite time of year and I look forward to doing this for more years to come. 

Reading: Young Men and Fire, Norman Maclean

Watching: WestWorld on HBO

Listening: Winter Winds, Mumford & Sons

Eating: jerky(on the plane)


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