Lauren Hall

Professional cyclist from the state of Mississippi

San Luis, Argentina

New country, new race!

I left Tucson on January 2nd, arrived in San Francisco, got new kits, helmets, casual clothing, rode bikes and then on January 4th started our trip south at 3:30am.  We flew from San Francisco to Miami, had a 5hr layover(thank goodness), flew from Miami, overnight, to Buenos Aires(arrived at 8am) where we spent one full day before flying again in the am to San Luis.  It's a lot of travel but so so worth it.  It's worth the middle seat overnight, walking all over the Miami airport getting bags, rechecking them, rechecking myself in, it's worth the travel stink, all of it to be here.  

The people have been so wonderful and welcoming, the race organization has been accommodating and my team is a good group of girls that I love to be around and race with. 

Ok, let's get to the photos, that's where the entertainment is...

New stuff!

I love happy dogs, this is our team owner's dog Lilly. 

The theme here - 'hurry up and wait'.  We arrived at 8ish and I think we left the airport at 11:30ish, so this is how we pass the time.  

There were about 5 or 6 teams in the airport at the same time and all of our equipment was going on this truck to San Luis and we flew in the next day. 

We found a great lunch spot, a nice cafe that wasn't expecting a bunch of teams to come in late afternoon. 

It was just these two guys, plus the cook and they were great. 

On our afternoon walk we found a lake, it didn't look very clean water, and some people spending the afternoon fishing. 

Brie giving her best 90's CD cover photo shot. 

Really cool looking trees. 

A velodrome close to us. 

Encompassing the velodrome was this 1k cycling track.  We met a couple of fans and watched people ride bikes - close enough for the moment. 

This photo is for mom. She's always curious of license plates. 

We couldn't find the proper entrance but we did find this way in:) 

Dinner out on the town. 

A big room!!! 

There is a car race track close to the hotel and traffic runs on it daily, so did we, while making all the car noises of course. 

A big poster highlighting our race. 

Beautiful views...

I've seen a theme of carrots and lentils, I love them.  The food has been pretty dang good here. \

Kendall and I playing on the track - rubbins racin!

The girls, from left to right: Lauren Komanski, myself, Kendall Ryan, Brie Walle, Lauren Stephens, Alizee Brien.

Not a great photo but it was beautiful at this stop, halfway up a climb in one of our stages. 

Kendall, Brie and Alizee

And the whole crew....

Maybe a bit too big?! 

Work smarter, not harder...

We had team presentation inside, to bad we couldn't have it outside...

The ushers...

This dude was a cool cat huh? We thought so... we were just having fun before presentation.

Remember that 'hurry up and wait' theme? It popped up again.  We didn't finish until 9pm, when is dinner?

And I couldn't resist taking a photo of this kit.

We didn't stick around to see this guy perform but his shoes say that he does something pretty cool I'm thinking. 

We raced today, it was just a single day race, and it rained the entire time, the streets were flooded, the peleton pretty good considering.  I'm pretty sure I've ingested a lot of things I didn't want to but that's life and I had fun racing - it's been a while.  Tomorrow we start a stage race that runs through Saturday and then we start the journey back home.  Till then....

Reading: A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle

Watching: more like surfing the interwebs...

Eating: almonds and walnuts before dinner

Listening: Bluegrass Covers playlist on Spotify

Website: - they are a sponsor...wonder if I can get tires for my truck...hmmm.  I might have to smooze hard for that sell huh? 

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