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Kona, Cortez, Tucson

Every time I start my blog and reflect back on the last couple of weeks, I think to myself, 'man where does the time go?'  It just flies by really.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have the ability, friendships and time to go to so many places in this world and I'm going to keep adventuring as long as I can.  

Hawaiian King Kamehamea.

Climbing Mauna Loa

2hrs later, still going up...

This shake was SOOO good

The vanilla bean...

Waipio Valley

Stopping for coffee and this guy was parked out front...made me laugh.

Pololu Valley, it's on the other side of Waipio Valley. 

Getting ready for the sunset and enjoyed watching these people play in the waves. 

It was a little bit more of a ride than we anticipated but so worth it. 

At the base of Mauna Loa.

Once we turned on the single lane road to Mauna Loa...

Another day, another beautiful view of the countryside. 

One of the many lava tubes we rode past.

One last parting shot, this is the start of the IronMan in Kona. 

The Big Island was pretty amazing.  We stayed in Waimea and rode bikes to Hawi, Waipio Valley and up Mauna Loa(the largest volcano on earth).  We rode to a vanilla factory, swam in the ocean and enjoyed to night sky, it was all pretty magical.  After a week, Brad and I made it back home to Cortez, CO just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Brad's mom, sister and brother-in-law rented an RV and drove out from Missouri to spend the weekend with us.  

This was the view of the Ute once home, such a difference in temperature! 

A couple of firsts for me, I met his family and I cooked the turkey for Thanksgiving:) Everything was a success and his family is wonderful.  We had a great day, went for a hike in the snow and mud and had dinner with our friends, Lance and Karen.  

Our family hike in the mud but we had a good time, nothing a washing machine couldn't fix right up.

And now we are in Tucson, AZ, my favorite winter training spot.  It's close to home, I love the city and the riding is diverse. Next up, mom and dad are coming out for Christmas, to Tucson! I can't wait but I guess I have to. 

Reading: looking for a new book

Watching: Westworld

Listening: Christmas music on Spotify

Eating: nothing new and exciting, all the usuals


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