Lauren Hall

Professional cyclist from the state of Mississippi

Off season

Let's back up a bit before I get into all my fun off season adventures.... World Championships team time trial.

The girls: Alison Jackson, myself, Andrea Dvorak, Lauren Komanski, Allie Dragoo, Leah Thomas.

We arrived a couple of days prior to the race so we could view sections of the course, ride them over and over and get a feel for our lineup.  As race day approached you could feel the excitement level rising but we were focused and ready.  

Saturday, pre-race day, taking a photo with our swanny - Sara.

Race day was almost perfect - breakfast, drive, setup, warm up, start ramp, go.  Perfect would've been a podium, so that's why I say it was 'almost' perfect.  I had an untimely flat 7k into the race but it didn't matter, I was happy for our team and our success. 

Host house support and kind words. 

Dre is excited for getting her warm-up started. 

Hands in! 

The calmness and stillness before we shoot out like rockets and suffer for the next hour. 

T-shirts supporting the local children's hospital.

The whole group. 


I stayed the rest of the week in Richmond to watch the women's road race which was so worth it! I'm so proud of USA and Megan, that was exciting to be a part of. 

The Vos family, well the guys anyway.  

Hanging out with friends...

I flew back to Colorado just in time to catch the fall foliage in full bloom, the aspens were absolutely gorgeous. I was able to hike so many different trails that I've been wanting to do for a long time, it was heaven on earth.  

Beautiful trails

I love it here...

No filter, it was a magical time...

I planned this offseason well because I was on to my next trip, family vacation in Florida with everyone - mom and dad, brothers, sis-in-laws and the kiddos.  We walked the beaches, rode bikes with my brothers, shopped, built sand castles and laughed a lot.  And then the following week came the best of all of the off season, I planned a surprise birthday party for dad and successfully pulled it off.  

Riding with my brothers...

The whole family at sunset. 

Hanging on the back porch at home...

Enjoying our lake house...

But wait, there's more!!! I flew up to Greenville, S.C., more specifically Travelers Rest for the Hincapie Fondo.  If you are new to cycling and don't want to race, I highly recommend a grand fondo. It is a ride that you pay to enter but you have so much support and so many other people enjoying the same thing you are enjoying and if it's not for your crew then there is plenty to do surrounding the event and it is a full day of fun.  I look forward to doing more of these down the road. 

Riding the fondo with friends...

Meeting a great group of women who rode the fondo at the end of a week long camp - such a great idea!

And now I'm currently on Lake James in between Asheville and Winston-Salem for one last blast of off season adventures.  I'm ready to go back to 'work', I'm ready for next season mentally, I'm looking forward to long training days and sore legs.  

Hiking in North Carolina...

Hanging out on the water at Lake James...

Off season was done right. 

Reading: Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy by Karen Abbott

Eating: Flank steak, chimichurri sauce, beans and rice

Listening: dogs snore


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