Lauren Hall

Mississippi native,retired professional cyclist,advocate for all things cycling,mentor,ambassador of happiness

After my professional career in soccer didn’t pan out – I played semi-pro for a year and wasn’t invited to try out with the pro teams – I thought my athletic career was over, that was 2002. 

While I was attending culinary school, I continued to run for exercise for myself and my dog and in 2006 my brother talked me into running the Music City Marathon in Nashville, TN. After completing the marathon, I wanted to race a triathlon. So the following year(after mentally and physically recovering from the marathon) I walked into a bike store to buy a bike. I was so overwhelmed at the choices, I walked out without a purchase. A couple of months later, I got up the nerve to try again, walked into a store and finally purchased a bike. 

From there I started riding in group rides and learning the trade. So I would have to thank my brother for committing us to a marathon which led me to the bike. Another person that motivated me to become a professional athlete was my grandfather. He played in the NFL in the late 30′s and early 40′s, he played for the first 49ers team and played both sides of the ball. He was from Tunica, MS and made it to the pros but still had to have a second job to pay the bills. I wanted to keep the Hall tradition alive by become a professional athlete as well and I have.

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