Lauren Hall

Mississippi native, retired professional cyclist, advocate for all things cycling, mentor, ambassador of happiness

Next generation of @usacycling is bright. These fellas will be racing full time in Belgium next year and I wish them all the best. . They will be staying in Oudenaarde, Belgium 🇧🇪. . 💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍 . Let’s cheer on Sean and Jack💯

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New helmet day😆😆😆 . . Soon I will be learning how to maneuver a different set of two wheels 🏍 . . By the way this is all @janelspilker and @superneil911’s fault 😆🤘👍

It’s good to be back in a Tucson, saving turtles 🐢, sharing smiles for miles and enjoying the winter wonderland. . . I’m here till March 1, I’m thankful my job allows me to work remotely. I love this sport. . . #blessed #happy #warm #turtles